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What This Does

If you want to turn your simple or complex article keywords, into content. Then you've come to the right place.

Website Publishers

If you want to make your life easier as a web publisher, you will want the creativity that Ai brings to the table.

Social Media Content

Everyone needs to stand out on socials, and now you can with accurate and interesting content.


Now you can break your book down into relevant chapters, and enlist the power of Ai to complete each.


Discover how we can help you to write quicker, longer, and easier than ever before.

Our online software will take any keyword/s you have, and within a few minutes write a brand-new article up to 1500 words in length.

  • Relevant paragraphs in each section.
  • Post images and videos automatically.
  • Choose from 750 to 1500 words and select them randomly.
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Meet Our Team

Discover more about our high performing team.


Nathan Clark

Software Engineer

Nathan is the wizard behind our Ai WordPress Rss Feed App. The best multi-language expert we could hope for on the team.


Beth Cordero

Full Stack Engineer

Beth has for several years worked in full-stack development, and has a deep love for PHP, HTML, and all things Bengal cat related.


Kirk Sanchez

Machine Learning Engineer

Graduating with a degree in computer mechanics, Kirk joins the Ai dots with the help of some pretty slick Python language skills.

Fun Facts About Article Forge

Languages Available

LSI keywords

Minutes Maximum per Article

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What People Are Saying.

The best thing about this great Ai Article Builder is that you can create articles on topics you don't have the time to research. Using the auto generator function, you can create articles in minutes. The program will read millions of relevant articles and other content to produce high-quality, 100% original content.

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I started trialing this Ai Article Builder, and never looked back. I was skeptical as I've tried a fair number of these types of services, and they always tend to create articles that I spend at least 10 minutes fixing.
Writing fresh unique content has always been a huge problem for me. Keeping my website and visitors constantly engaged and interested in new topics started to feel like a full-time job until I came across this Ai Article Builder. It has saved me hundreds of hours a month.
One of the best thing about this Ai Article Builder is it works on auto-pilot and composes an article with the appropriate headings, you merely place the keyword that you simply want to write this content.


Take a look at how user-friendly the interface is.

This is our new soon to be released new Windows application

Ai RSS Wordpress Article Builder

This is Article Forge

That features a cutting edge Ai model, and you will need to sign up with them to use our application.


Amazing Features of Article Forge

Here are the features that give this Ai article writer an edge over others.

Support 24/7

Send them an email, or use the Zen Desk support app link.

User Friendly

The fastest and easiest to use interface in the industry. Even for beginners.

Bulk Builder

Create upto 130+ articles in one go. Just insert each keyword.


An easy to use UI, with multiple language support.

Cost Control

Different packages to suit different budgets are available.


If you are a developer and want to take things a step further.

Great pricing plans tailored to you.

The two most popular packages for this Ai Article Builder are listed here. You can pay monthly or annually to make extra savings.

These prices will be conformed on release. While you wait, get started on a a free trial on Article Forge at the links.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people like you are thinking about when wanting to use Article Forge.

Where do you get your Ai knowledge from?

Article Forge uses millions of pieces of information from around the web, as well as unique fact checking, and relevant content functions to give you better than a basic assistant would write.

What happens to my completed articles?

They are stored in your folder for accessibility later, and you can even integrate with Word Ai and spin the content uniquely at a later date. They are unique to you.

How customizable are the input options?

You can select to autogenerate your own subheadings, and you can also use your own, which Article Forge will use to find and gather information on.

What if I change my mind?

Alongside the 10k free words you have for your trial, you also have 5 days free usage. We are confident about how much you'll love Article Forge, and they also offer a no strings 30-day money-back guarantee.